The site

Launched in 2016, urbform is a collection of posts about architecture and planning in Ottawa. From time to time, sites in Montreal and other favourite places experienced through travels are likely to pop-up.

As an observer and champion of interesting places and quality design, my aim is to share some photos and information about places that inspire or intrigue. At times, I may offer an idea or two on possible enhancements to a place, or explore buildings / ideas lost to time.

The briefs

Each post examines a building, a site, a theme, or a district. Some are short and some will be lengthy. Briefs looking back at lost buildings or unrealized plans tend to be organized in a timeline of oldest to most recent events, while places that continue to exist / evolve are usually arranged from most recent to oldest activity. If new developments occur or research reveals something of interest, a brief may be updated with the info inserted at the appropriate place in the timeline.

If you have research or photos to contribute, I encourage you to send me a note; if your info fits into the narrative I'm trying to tell, I'll be most thankful and will eagerly credit you as the source of your contribution.


Born in western Canada and raised in eastern Canada, I've lived in Ottawa since 2000. My studies in architectural theory and history led me to a multi-year stint on the Ottawa Built Heritage Advisory Committee. My passions include design and photography, and I do a some small-scale web design as time permits.

Finally, if you enjoy something you find on this site, please consider donating to the Ottawa Food Bank.